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November 1st 2014

As some of you may remember, we launched the digital edition of Popshot a little over a year ago, meaning that from Portsmouth to Prague to Panama City, anyone in the world could be reading Popshot on their tablet, phone, or online, within seconds. Since then, it’s become a resounding success and currently accounts for a quarter of our total subscribers.

Now, with the help of our friends over at Exact Editions, we’re making the digital edition available to all of our print subscribers for free. With a number of subscribers asking how they could read some of the sold out back issues of Popshot, we felt it was important to make all of those issues, and all future ones, available in digital form to our most loyal supporters.

Subsequently, anyone who now subscribes to Popshot from just £10 will not only get three print issues delivered direct to their door, they’ll also receive digital access to every issue we’ve ever published. Become a subscriber by heading to our subscribe page or if you already are, drop an email to to find out how to activate your digital subscription.


October 2nd 2014

Coinciding rather nicely with National Poetry Day (which is today in case you’ve forgotten) we’re delighted to announce that the new issue of Popshot is out now. 25 pieces of writing grace this beautifully broad edition, packed full of illustrated short stories and poems that explore our perception of, and relationship with, time, and take us to some weird and wonderful places in the process. If you want to have a squinted look through a few pages from the new issue, you can do so here.

All pre-orders and subscriber's copies have been posted out and will be arriving on doormats around the globe in the coming days. If you want to get your hands on your own crayon-scented copy, subscribe from just £10 and receive Time as the initial issue of your subscription, or order a single issue from £6 + p&p. As we may have just demonstrated, it seems you can put a price on loyalty. Those who are more digitally minded can read the new issue on their smartphone or tablet by downloading the Popshot app.


September 18th 2014

After what feels like (and probably is) a small age, the collected writings and illustrations of our twelfth issue – The Time Issue – have gone to print and are now being stamped into some of the finest offset paper, somewhere in Wales. To herald the impending arrival of Issue 12, it gives us great pleasure to reveal the cover, illustrated at the masterful hands of Sam Pash. If ever there was a cover of Popshot that instantly captured the mood of an entire issue, this would be it; calm, contemplative, and slightly nostalgic – our forthcoming issue in a nutshell.

To celebrate, the new issue is now available to pre-order for a fiver, with pre-orders open until October 1st when the price will go back up to the usual cover price of £6. Or you can subscribe for a tenner, and get this issue and the next couple after that delivered to your doormat without even having to think about it. Thanks to our partnership with magazine kings, Newsstand, we’ve also been able to drop the price of overseas postage – a saving that has now been passed on to our readers. Further details of the new issue to follow in the lead up to launch day.


September 9th 2014

Apologies for the month-long radio silence dear readers. Rather ironically, through the process of lacing together our 'Time' issue we've had far less of the stuff than usual. However, with the cover for Issue 12 being unveiled in less than a week's time, we thought we would give you a brief glimpse into how the issue is shaping up so far. Think toothpaste green. More details to come very soon.


August 8th 2014

Most people who know of Mark Watson will probably be more familiar with his work as a stand-up comedian than as a novelist. However, with five novels now to his name, the balance may be shifting. His latest book, entitled Hotel Alpha, is the story of London's most extraordinary hotel, run by a man called Howard, which has been built on a series of secrets and dreams. Whilst the book has an excellent plot, the real twist comes when you finish it.

Alongside the novel, Mark has written 100 accompanying stories that can be found online - some the length of a tweet, others a paragraph, others a thousand words or more. The stories can be read in any order and shine an alternative light on the plot, bringing to life additional scenes, exposing secrets and hidden links, and giving voice to some of the thousands of minor characters. It's a fantastic concept which plays with the idea of the traditional novel, pulling into question whether a book actually finishes when the last page has been read, and blending together the strengths of both print and online.

If you want to get a taste of what Mark calls an 'encyclopaedic novel', pick up a copy over at Picador's website then head to the Hotel Alpha Stories website as soon as you've finished it to read on.


July 31st 2014

After 7 weeks of fairly solid reading and a further 6 days of whittling down the shortlist — the longest whittling process in the short history of Popshot — we have now chosen the final 25 pieces of writing that will make their way into our 'Time' issue.

The authors of the chosen pieces were notified earlier today so if you submitted to this issue but haven't received an email from us, unfortunately that means that your work hasn't been selected. Our apologies for not being able to be more personal in our responses, and thanks again to everyone who took the time and effort to send their compositions in. The standard of writing was higher than ever so if you haven't made the final cut, that certainly doesn't mean that your writing wasn't up to probably means we need more pages.

Submissions for our 13th issue will open up in December, so keep your eyes out for that. In the meantime, if you would like to get a better idea of the work that we publish, you can subscribe from just £10 a year, or read every issue we've made for just £5.50 courtesy of the Popshot app.


July 18th 2014

With the exception of Latitude and a couple of others, music festivals and literary festivals are rarely blended together with much consideration. However, this year, it looks like Wilderness Festival has stepped up to the plate, blending music (from Metronomy and London Grammar) with theatre, spectaculars, banquets, and a dazzling range of literary events and talks.

Set in the bucolic Oxfordshire countryside from August 7th - 10th, the four day festival will bring together a diverse number of writers and speakers – such as Irvine Welsh, Antony Gormley and George Monbiot – and showcase some of London's best spoken word nights. Expect to see Book Slam, Tongue Fu and Chill Pill there amongst others, putting on some stellar line ups for the 10,000 strong festival goers. To find out more about the literary line up and to snap up tickets, head to the Wilderness website. We'll be there across the weekend and will be posting up a short review of it on this very website in the days following.


July 10th 2014

There are just over two weeks left before we close for submissions for our Time issue. So if you have a time-oriented short story or poem stuffed up your sleeve, you don't have much longer to heave it out, polish it up, and send it in.

We've received some weird and wonderful pieces of writing over the last few weeks but are still on the lookout for short stories and poems with a slightly offbeat slant and a twist in the tale. So, if you want to see your writing illustrated, then stamped into 4,500 copies of Popshot and delivered to bookshops all over the globe, check out the full guidelines at our submit page.


June 12th 2014

We're just over a week away from the inaugural London Short Story Festival, brought to us by the good folk at Spread The Word. With an impressive line up of talks, workshops, launches, and readings from some short fiction champions, the festival will take place next weekend at Europe's biggest bookstore: Waterstones Piccadilly. As one of the festival partners, we're handing a few boxes of the latest issue of Popshot over to the festival which will be given out for free to all LSSF ticket holders - until copies run out of course. So, if attending some great short fiction-oriented events wasn't enough, now you can hold of a free copy of Popshot as well. Find out everything you need to know by heading to the London Short Story Festival website.


June 5th 2014

The long wait for submissions to open up again is finally over, and we're very pleased to unveil the theme for our 12th issue — Time. With that, submissions are now officially open and we're ready to start receiving your time-oriented poems and short stories over the next 7 weeks. As always, please take your, um, time, to think over the various interpretations of that word and to explore its possibilities. Thanks to its intangible nature, it's a word that's drenched in abstraction and fascinating concepts, so we're really looking forward to seeing what the great minds of today's literary scene can do with it.

Head to our submit page to read the full submissions guidelines — which have been tweaked a bit since the last issue — and we can't wait to read your mini masterpieces.


May 23rd 2014

One of the most curious things about the poetry world is that there doesn't appear to be one hub at the centre of all of it. Whilst fashion or technology or interior design may centre around certain magazines or websites, poetry is a generally disparate affair. Organisations like The Poetry Society in the UK, or Poetry Foundation in the US seem to be the closest we can get to a poetic community.

However, with the arrival of Campus, the groundwork for a fully functioning poetic community has been laid. What is Campus? Well, in their own words, it's a social network for poets. The brainchild of The Poetry School, it's a community driven online platform that brings together poets from all over the world to discuss, debate, and discover. If you think that this could be your sort of thing, head to the Campus website and sign up to find out more.


May 13th 2014

Now that our eleventh issue, The Journeys Issue, is safely nestled into bookshelves and coffee tables around the world, we've uploaded all of its visual treats onto our illustration-laden Pinterest page. The latest issue featured yet another stupendous crop of illustrators who helped bring some beautiful pieces of writing to life - the illustration above created in response to Adena Graham's spine tingling flash fiction piece, The Hut.

If you want to read the fiction and poetry that they were inspired by, you can check out a few pages here before getting hold of your own copy at our single issues page.


May 8th 2014

Thanks to their diverse line-ups, mixing the established with the rising and the traditional with the modern, we've always been fans of what the kids at Tongue Fu get up to. This time it's no different, with their next event hosting poetry legend and BBC Radio 4 presenter Roger McGough, folk-hop super hero Dizraeli and three of the brightest new names from the next generation of spoken word artists: Indigo Williams, Amy McAllister and Ben Norris. It takes place in just under a week at London's Southbank Centre and you can pick up your tickets here.


April 24th 2014

Time is a funny thing. Back in June 2008 the idea of Popshot pinged into life after reading an article written by the editor of an established poetry title in an edition of the Writers' & Artists' Yearbook. Considering the book is supposed to advise and inspire, it was a surprisingly downbeat piece that called for writers to limit their expectations and understand their place in the writing hierarchy. The indignation that ensued became the launch pad for Popshot, and after we had deluded ourselves that this would allow an early retirement, the first issue launched on April 24th 2009.

Since then a lot has changed, and some things haven't. The burning desire to change poetry forever has since lessened in favour of publishing some words that give our minds the chance to wander. The magazine has been lauded in a few newspapers, a few magazines, and is now sold in the bookshops of more than 20 countries. Some of the relatively unknown poets that we published in the early issues have gone on to become reputable names in the literary world. A few have been picked up by major publishing houses - Chelsey Flood being one such example from our first issue. We've had the pleasure of working with over 200 illustrators, most of whom were utterly delightful. We've gained a new logo, redesigned the magazine, relaunched the website countless times, and even made it possible to read Popshot on an iPhone. A few abusive emails have been received ('trolls' being the most bizarre insult) but generally, most of the stuff written about us has been of a kind nature that has made all the late nights totally worthwhile. Thanks to the generosity of our fantastic contributors, a few open-minded employers, and of course, our much-loved readers and subscribers, we've remained unfunded the whole time. We've not yet printed a single advert in the magazine.

It's been a truly sublime 5 years and we want to thank every single person who has had any impact on us in any way, shape or form. If you like the magazine and want to see it here in another 5 years' time, consider supporting Popshot by buying a copy, subscribing or writing something complimentary on a social network somewhere.


April 21st 2014

Anyone who is familiar with Boxpark in Shoreditch will be more aware of its capacity for selling fine threads from niche retailers than its spoken word nights. However, with a couple of said nights under their belt in the past few months, Boxpark's very own spoken word event is returning to the village of shipping containers on April 29th. The event is totally free and more details can be found at their website or at their event page on Facebook.


April 14th 2014

Whether it's the 'sitting in a field and getting drunk on cider' type or otherwise, we're suckers for a good festival. So we were rather enthused to discover that the literary development organisation, Spread The Word, are gearing up for their inaugural London Short Story Festival this June. The festival will include talks, workshops, masterclasses, author Q&A’s and readings from a number of reputable writers, many of whom are still to be announced. We'll keep you posted on more details closer to the time but in the interim, you can find out more over at Spread The Word.


April 1st 2014

After months of careful curation, The Journeys Issue has slipped off the printing presses and is now officially out in the world.

From escaping the rat race to explore the planet, to mapping out our lives in jars of memories, to watching a baby's lungs billow into action for the first time; the new issue features 24 short stories and poems that allow us to travel into the curious minds that stipple today's literary and illustration scene.

If you want to voyage through a few of the spreads, you can do so here before ordering the real thing at our single issues page, or subscribing from just £10 a year. Alternatively, you can read the new issue on your tablet or phone by downloading the Popshot app. It's all so 21st century...

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