To herald the impending arrival of Issue 12 in two weeks' time, we can now reveal its cover artwork, illustrated by the masterful Sam Pash.

After what feels like (and probably is) a small age, the collected writings and illustrations of our twelfth issue – The Time Issue – have gone to print and are now being stamped into some of the finest offset paper, somewhere in Wales. To mark the moment, it gives us great pleasure to reveal the cover, illustrated by Popshot favourite, Sam Pash. If ever there was a cover of Popshot that instantly captured the mood of an entire issue, this would be it; calm, contemplative, and slightly nostalgic – our forthcoming issue in a nutshell.

To celebrate, the new issue is now available to pre-order for a fiver, with pre-orders open until October 1st when the price will go back up to the usual cover price of £6. Or you can subscribe for a tenner, and get this issue and the next couple after that delivered to your doormat without even having to think about it. Thanks to our partnership with magazine kings, Newsstand, we’ve also been able to drop the price of overseas postage – a saving that has now been passed on to our readers. Further details of the new issue to follow in the lead up to launch day.