As part of its #travelbetterlondon campaign, Transport For London has opened up a poetry competition looking for poems to grace its future posters.

If you travel on the London Underground relatively often, you’ll already be well aware of the longstanding relationship between poetry and TFL. You’ll also probably be familiar with the format of their illustrated poetry posters, which have been going strong since 2013 with the help of French illustrator, Mcbess, and look a bit like the one above.

Now, as part of its #travelbetterlondon campaign, TFL is looking for poems that could grace future posters via its poetry competition. The purpose of the competition is to ask people to submit their own poems about one inconsiderate travel habit they have witnessed on public transport, with the winner’s work made up into a poster featuring the verse accompanied by their likeness in the accompanying artwork. To find out more about how to enter, head to the dedicated competition page at the #travelbetterlondon website, and make sure you send in your ditty before March 1st.