In advance of literary submissions opening in one week's time, we're offering half price copies of Popshot to potential contributors.

We’ve mentioned before the remarkable correlation between those people that have read Popshot and those people whose poetry and short fiction ends up being published in its pages. In our most recent Outsider-themed issue, three quarters of the writers that got in were either subscribers or had bought a copy of Popshot before. As a result, the more people that read it, the more fitting the submissions that we receive for each issue become. And as a result of that, the quality of the writing that we publish goes up.

So, with submissions for our fourteenth issue set to open in just one week’s time, we’re keen to get the magazine into the hands of as many potential contributors as we can by making all of our available issues half price until June 1st. Take advantage of the offer by heading to our single issues page now.