Working with the fledgling digital bookstore, 0s&1s, we've now made the last four issues of Popshot available in PDF form.

The notion of selling magazines and books in a digital format is one that’s been intriguing us ever since it became more widely accepted — largely thanks to the iPad, the iPhone and the Kindle. Although Popshot still shifts far more printed magazines than digital ones, our digital edition has opened doors to readers in parts of the world that we might struggle to reach in physical terms. However, up until now, this has exclusively meant readers with tablets or smartphones.

Now, thanks to the fledgling digital bookstore, 0s&1s, we’ve made Popshot available in PDF format, which means you don’t have to own a smartphone or tablet in order to read our last few issues on a screen. That’s inverted progress...

Head to the dedicated Popshot page at the 0s&1s website to find out more.