Short fiction and poetry submissions for our 'Curious' issue close in twenty days' time. Send in your literary triumphs before July 20th.

With the arrival of July, we are less than three weeks away from literary submissions deadline day for our 14th issue — exploring the theme of 'Curious'. As ever, we're keen to make this the best issue we've made yet, so if you have a piece of writing already penned, or half a piece forming in your head, please make sure to send it in before July 20th at the very latest.

Since this issue is all about the curious, we're interested in reading work that manages to tread the line between the strange, peculiar, offbeat and unexpected, whilst not going so far that it's difficult for our readers to relate to.

If you've already submitted your poetry or short fiction, fear not, your writing is already under consideration. For those of you who haven’t, make sure that you acquaint yourself with the submissions guidelines at our submit page.