With Christmas Day less than a month away, a copy of Popshot could be the perfect gift for the quintessential lover of literature.

Ah, the festive frenzy that is the month before Christmas. That wonderful time of year where you're bombarded from all angles by people reminding you that the big day is approaching on the off-chance that you hadn't already noticed. We would claim to be above this sort of behaviour but as the Christmas bandwagon goes trundling past, we feel it would be churlish not to hop on it.

So if you’re organised enough to already be thinking about it and have a friend or family member who’s partial to a spot of illustrated short fiction and poetry, a copy of Popshot might be right up their street.

You can pick up a single copy from £6 plus postage or subscribe from £10 a year and get our latest issue as the initial copy, followed by our next two issues over the coming year plus free access to our digital edition which contains every issue we've ever published. If you’d like us to send the first copy to you so that you can gift it in person, just drop an email to straight after subscribing and we'll set it up for you.

To ensure that it arrives in time, our last posting dates for New Zealand and Australia are on December 10th; the USA, Canada and Europe are on December 15th; and copies within the UK will be dispatched all the way up until December 21st. Now, we're off to go and cry at the John Lewis advert...again.