We are now accepting short fiction and poetry submissions for our forthcoming issue on the theme of 'Adventure'.

After the resounding success of our latest issue (which is looking likely to become our bestselling one of all time) we're even more excited than usual to announce that literary submissions for our forthcoming issue are officially open.

Through The Curious Issue and The Outsider Issue, our last two editions have focused in on the introverted and peculiar sides of humankind. For this issue however, we're turning the tables and looking to explore the extroverts, the travellers and the adventurers to create a collection of short stories, poems and illustrations that will roar with energy and spirit.

For the full submission guidelines, head to our submit page and make sure that you send in your short fiction or poetry long before the deadline of January 20th. If you haven't already, we would also recommend reading last week's article by our editor which shines a light on what kind of writing we’ll be looking out for.