With just a handful of our limited edition A2 Giclée prints left, we're now making them available for less than half price. Pick up yours from £16.

A couple of years ago, we launched The Print Shop, taking a small selection of six of the most powerful images we had featured in the magazine and making them available in large format limited editions of 150. Now, with the arrival of 2016 and just a handful of the prints left, we're cutting the price of them from £45 to £16 to make way for a new print-related venture — which we'll go into more detail on soon.

So, if you fancy adorning your walls with a beautiful Giclée print that weighs in at 550mm x 675mm, sunk into the finest Folex Fine Art archival papers from talented illustrators such as Sam Green, Mydeadpony, Tom Hovey, Devin McGrath, Esra Røise and City Abyss, head over to The Print Shop to get hold of yours.