Sophie Fenella's poem, from our recent Adventure issue, explores the ways in which adventurous personalities can affect the dynamic of a relationship. Illustration by Matt Harrison Clough.

Come, I am already with you
in damp grass, earth worms,
a night too dark for us to see.

Trampoline bellied, saucer eyed,
you wrap your arm on auburn bark,
ascend into childhood dreams of flight.

I am yellow bellied under your feet,
catching kisses dropped to earth
tasting the wet of your lips.

My neck is craned for you, hoping
to solidify your swinging feet
as you hang like clothes from a line,

I am right here with you
only gravity bound.

You think I need saving
from my concrete steps
but your glass pierce scream
is out of reach.

My butterfly gut was prophetic,
I told you so, but my twig arms
cannot break your fall.

'Climbing Trees' was published in our 15th issue, The Adventure Issue, which is available to buy here.