Inspired by classic fairytales, Gretel Keyte's crepuscular poem speaks of letting go and seeing who you really are. Illustration by Rachel Orme.

In the envelope of the night sky
you whispered that we're all the same,
for tonight our sins will seal shut
in grand sweeping chaos.

So I let the twisted hands
of oak creep across my body,
repenting my misfortunes to
the milk dusted stars in the heavens above.

It doesn't matter what has happened now,
we're all the same, between
our pearled teeth
and bloodied tongues.

We howl out to the deep,
curdling our voices until
nothing is left, but
crumbled ashes at feet.

The night has devoured us,
pitied our longings,
ripped from our souls the
wrong we have done.

'I lay with you' is part of a small series of adventure-themed poems published in support of our 15th issue, The Adventure Issue, which is available to buy here.