Inspired by the weather and dreams, Ash Huntley's poem imagines the two intertwined, each telling the other’s story. Illustration by Phill Darlington.

Mesmerized by the moon
between slatted blinds,
sing yourself to sleep,
dream through waterfalls,
row over heavy clouds,
gasp when you disperse
as rain falling
into eyes and open mouths.

Let yourself be drunk in,
flow like blood
through earth,
veins of leaves,
fingers of a working hand,
pumping hearts.

And, when you wake
to the sun’s soft dawn,
eyes blurred by visions,
thunder in the distance,
clouds dimming the rays,
stand and peer
out the window.
Watch life
fall from the sky.

'You Of Rain' was published in our 15th issue, The Adventure Issue, which is available to buy here.