A swift inhalation of every page from our recently launched Hope issue, condensed into a 16 second animated GIF for optimum sensory overload.

In spite of the digital world's many innovations, it's still not that easy to get a feel for a magazine online. Nothing really beats the quick thumb flick that takes place at the newsstand or within the walls of a finely arranged bookshop.

That hasn't stopped us trying though. With the arrival of our 16th issue just under two weeks ago, we've now created a 16 second animation that takes you from the front cover to the back cover in thumb-flicking mimicry.

Have a watch above and if you would like to sweep through the new issue in real, tangible form, buy a single issue for £6 + p&p or subscribe from £10. Subscribers will receive The Hope Issue as their initial copy, followed by our next two issues over the coming year, plus free access to our digital edition which contains every issue we've ever published.