With Christmas around the corner, what do you get for that person with a penchant for literature, short fiction or poetry? We might have the answer...

Try not to panic but with November nearing its end, Christmas is officially around the corner. Or if you choose to measure it by Harrods' Christmas Shop, it's been around the corner since August. True story.

To herald the impending festive season, we've put together a little duet of the issues we've published this year — The Adventure Issue and The Hope Issue — and are offering them up for just £10 + p&p here. Order today and they'll be on their way to your front door by tomorrow morning.

Alternatively, subscribe from £10 and gift The Adventure Issue or The Hope Issue initially, followed by our next two issues over the coming year, plus free access to our digital edition which contains every issue we've ever published. Just pick the gift subscription option at our subscribe page. Unless you're buying it for yourself, of course...

To make sure your copies arrive in time, here are our final posting dates:

December 3rd: Africa, Middle East
December 7th: Asia, Cyprus, Far East, Eastern Europe (except Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia)
December 8th: Caribbean, Central America, South America
December 10th: Australia, Greece, New Zealand
December 14th: Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Poland
December 15th: Canada, Finland, Sweden, USA
December 16th: Austria, Denmark, Iceland, Portugal, Netherlands, Norway, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland
December 17th: Belgium, France, Ireland, Luxembourg
December 20th: UK (1st Class post)